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A Blog by Steven Kozar. Here's his promo video:. Todd wants to convince everyone to send him money because the " Smart Phone Prophet " Shawn Bolz got a direct revelation from God about this new land acquisition.


For perpetuating this scheme, Shawn can be assured of a very profitable and ongoing speaking gig if this deal goes through. Here's a photo of Todd White's obscenely large and extravagant mansion:. Todd White is learning how to make the really big bucks from the experts:. Todd White says that he "can claim someone for God and there's no way for them to get out of it:". On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, as those sent from God.

Therefore be on the alert, remembering that night and day for a period of three years I did not cease to admonish each one with tears.

Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. Check out this giant compilation of articles about Todd White:. Todd White is part of a gigantic, shape-shifting, loosely-knit movement known as The New Apostolic Reformation.

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Read a little about Steve on " Kozar's Korner. Please partner with us by clicking one of our friendly yellow buttons.

todd white 2019

Fighting for the Faith Issues, Etc. Encore Preaching Christ Buried Treasure. Messed Up Church. Wanna know how much money Todd White actually makes? Proof That Dr. Michael Brown Has a Crooked Televangelists Never Die, Listener-Supported Media Please partner with us by clicking one of our friendly yellow buttons.

Join our Crew. Become a Patron. Issues, Etc. First Name. Last Name. Email Address.When this clip was posted to social media, most of the comments were positive, however, when we look at negative comments from Todd White supporters it is very revealing. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that have exposed this fraudulent leg lengthening trick for years.

Everyone can see the trick with their own eyes… except those who refuse to see it. Todd White will probably never make mention of the American Gospel film by name in public, but we can expect him to make ad hominem attacks against it. Please partner with us by clicking one of our friendly yellow buttons.

Fighting for the Faith Issues, Etc. Encore Preaching Christ Buried Treasure. Museum of Idolatry. Christalignment Bethel Listener-Supported Media Please partner with us by clicking one of our friendly yellow buttons.

Join our Crew. Become a Patron. Issues, Etc. First Name. Last Name. Email Address. Sign Up Today. Although we are Pirates, we respect your privacy and your info will be safe. Thank you for signing up for our Pirate Christian eNews!Hi again Treena, I thought you might find this video interesting where Todd White joins the likes of Bill Johnson in denying Jesus deity To me this then negates anything else he may come out with as he is preaching a false Jesus who did his miracles as a man, not as God I do not acknowledge Todd White as a sound teacher Angela.

He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. However this video is very interesting.

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It undermines Sozo and Johnson. I wonder if there is a split in the camp?

Defecting from Todd White & ‘lifestyle’ Christianity.

God bless. Hmmm yes that is interesting because they all are very much thick as thieves!

todd white 2019

I guess it's a case of watch this space God bless, Angela. I was horribly affected by them when I joined this counterfeit movement in the early '80's. The revival of the Healing rooms by the heretic John G. Lake is, I think, connected to it as I believe Bill Johnson was involved with the restoration of these rooms. Lake was a cohort of Charles Parham, the heretical father of the modern Pentecostal movement, and a scandal ensued after a person died from these men attempting to 'beat demons out of her'.

Sozo has justifiably garnered a bad reputation and churches running this style of false ministry are now likely to call it something else. White is a very dangerous false teacher and is possibly attempting to appear 'discerning'. Although I believe he came forth from Bethel church, he is no doubt popular and rich enough in his own right not to need to please Johnson. Like Finney and others, Todd is on record stating that he leads a sinless life and that Christians need to 'become the Bible, not just read and preach it'.

He promotes himself as an example to follow in order to lead a bold and miracle - working Christian life, so maybe this is connected to this message ie. Sinless perfection was the original goal of the so-called post-salvation Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

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It produced self-deception, frustration, a redefining of sin and even cults where sexual abuse was rampant. Todd presents a smorgasbord of heresies and an ego which is nauseating beyond belief. The notorious antiChrists Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn are his mentors and I think Patricia King helped him on his road to ministry - does anything further need to be said?

todd white 2019

My best, Mike. I have nothing good to say about Todd White Mike. Sozo is a counterfeit "ministry" that is very harmful. This reminds me have been taking notes from his "modern day apostles" book, which no doubt he'll be signing copies of on Friday!! Please ignore my last message!! Search This Blog. New Apostolic Reformation Apostle and false teacher Todd White speaks out against Sozo and says something right for a change.

Todd White - Over Reacting to Error In The Body of Christ

Bethel Sozo claims to be an inner healing and deliverance ministry. Unknown 19 May at Treena Gisborn 19 May at Mike Evans 19 May at Treena Gisborn 20 May at Unknown 22 May at Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.The Orlando, Florida event at Camping World Stadium featured several collaborators from various national ministries who hoped to motivate Christians to fulfill their God-given call.

According to Engle, the live-streamed event was inspired by a conversation in with YWAM members hoping missionaries would rise up following the death of Rev.

Todd White - The Baptism of Fire (October-15-2019)

Billy Graham. Below is an edited transcript of their reaction to the revival. Koulianos: The send is ultimately a war on inaction. It's to me a twofold beautiful experience. Number one, we're gathering here to be in the presence of Jesus to truly encounter Him and then be sent from His presence, to take His actual person, to our cities, to our towns, to our neighborhoods, to our families, to our marriages.

Some to the mission field and some to their own workplace.

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The Send is an ascending movement from the presence to the world, unto the glory of Jesus. CP: There are thousands of people gathered here worshiping Jesus. White: I think it's amazing. It's God's waking up a sleeping giant, His church to come together and being in unity of faith and not say, "I prefer my ministry before yours" but we actually prefer each other. What we've done is a collaboration of ministries coming together saying, "Let's all go forward in one purpose, one mind, and let's go purpose, Jesus everywhere we go.

Koulianos: I think if we tried this a year ago it probably would not have worked, we just think it's the Holy Spirit. Before anybody knew who we were, we were all friends and it's God knitting hearts very authentically because of common passion and love for Jesus. It's the Holy Spirit moving and our city has been buzzing.

People are getting saved on the streets, they're getting healed on the streets. The pre-rally meetings were ridiculous. It's been an amazing, amazing time and a real privilege.

I told Todd this morning, "There's 7 billion people on the earth and the fact that we get to be here today is a true honor and privilege. What has shifted in the atmosphere that makes you believe that time for the next great awakening is now? Koulianos: I think ultimately it's the Holy Spirit, first and foremost, but He works with yielded hearts and you find out very quickly, that platforms don't satisfy you, people knowing your name doesn't satisfy you, money doesn't satisfy, these things aren't intrinsically bad, but ultimately it's about Jesus and it's unto Jesus.

I feel like the Lord is birthing this Jesus movement and a Jesus people on and off the platform, in their homes. It's what He burns for. White: I have new words, This is God! It's amazing, we started doing schools 12 years ago and 30 or 40 people would show up because we had to go do outreach, and hardly no one would sign up. You don't have to be an evangelist you just have to be a Christian.

So now we're seeing thousands and we're watching this, and over time we are seeing people just start to live up to what God's created them to be.

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There's such a hunger, there's such a hunger here in this place and it's drawing on Heaven and right now it's just going to build. Event attendee and ministry leader in her local Orlando church, Yassirie Moreno testified that The Send did exactly what it set out to do.

It was like charging up your spiritual battery to go out and be the gospel for the community and serve with the heart of God. I can honestly say it was so much more than I expected. To view the event, visit bethel. Recommended Kansas Supreme Court strikes down measure that allowed large church gatherings South suffers deadly Easter Sunday as storm system of hail, tornadoes kills at least 18 Calif.

Read 7 Comments. A day of mourning, a day of sending Millennials and evangelism: The plague of emotivism How should churches respond in a post-Christian culture? Non-Christians want to talk faith, but don't see Christians as good listeners, Barna finds. High quality, low cost education?The Send is a stadium conference that has been hosted in cities nationwide since by The Call, an organization run by charismatic Christian evangelist Lou Engle.

At such events, a number of pastors and Christian leaders are invited to come and give a message. With over 60, gathered at Camping World Stadium, the hour Feb. Although The Send event was a major production in which Chan was simply invited to speak, pictures emerged online of Chan with Hinn and White. Chan first addressed the question of the prosperity gospel, which refers to teachings that imply that followers of Jesus will be healthy and wealthy.

Sometimes, prosperity gospel preaching has been used to encourage Christians to make donations to a certain ministry in exchange for supposed divine blessings in their lives. The New Testament is full of passages explaining the suffering that comes with a decision to follow Christ. Chan explained that he once gave a sermon where he showed how suffering is a theme found in every book of the New Testament.

According to Chan, he speaks at events almost every week of the year and said that it is part of his calling in this season of his life. He wrote that he normally does his own research on others invited to speak. I actually believe that is where I can be most effective, as long as they give me the freedom to address anything I believe the Lord wants me to address. Chan plans to work with the elders of his church to come up with more safeguards for future events.

He admitted that in the past he has erred in calling out the false teachings of preachers and pastors. Recommended Kansas Supreme Court strikes down measure that allowed large church gatherings South suffers deadly Easter Sunday as storm system of hail, tornadoes kills at least 18 Calif.

Post A Comment. High quality, low cost education? Legal services for faith-based start-ups. AG Barr to take action against government officials threatening churches.

Priscilla Shirer: Churches can no longer 'manufacture' fire of God, they must rely on the Holy Spirit. Tony Evans hosting virtual Good Friday to urge men to covenant with God, heal nation in crisis. This week in Christian history: Constantinople sacked, Livingstone buried, religious freedom. NJ megachurch distributes 26, pounds of relief supplies in Easter baskets.Among them all are many years of prayer, fasting, and discipleship to see stadiums filled with people worshipping the King and being activated to live for Him!

Messed Up Church

Do the people on your block know what you believe, and that you love them? Have you told them that they can have peace with God?

He declared that—for those who had once engaged in cutting—God was going to make the scars on their arm disappear during the event. It goes against what Jesus preached and what Paul preached and what Peter preached. Todd White is extremely dangerous and is a threat to the true gospel of Christ. He recently praised Todd White a prosperity teacher in the Kenneth Copeland mold and embraces him as a brother.

What is happening out there? It is not known if Chan still holds to the same practice. Connect with Christian News. Become a Christian News Network Supporter Dear Reader, has ChristianNews. For many years now, the Lord has seen fit to use this small news outlet as a strong influential resource in keeping Christians informed on current events from a Biblical worldview.

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May Christ continue to be exalted through this work!Do you really know what they believe about the gospel and Jesus Christ? I would ask you to consider watching this video and listen to what they teach on how Jesus Christ paid the price for sin and what was needed for Him to do to accomplish salvation for humanity.

Now, maybe you know what they teach and are aware that they are false teachers. But sadly many Christians listen and follow them as leaders in the church, and they are being deceived with a false gospel and even a false Jesus. However, the Bible the encourages Christians to expose false teachers and false doctrines. Exposing Bill Johnson of Bethel Church is needed today as many Christians are not aware of his false teachings. Bill Johnson is a false prophet and false apostle of the New Apostolic Reformation movement who teaches that Jesus went to hell suffered for sin there, that Jesus separated from God the Father, and that Jesus was born again is important for Christians to be aware of.

Bill Johnson of Bethel Church also has other false teachings that he has taught stating that Jesus was not God on the earth, that Jesus set aside His Deity, and Bill Johnson has stated those who believe Christians can be sick have a different gospel, a false gospel!

Exposing Todd White is important today because he is misleading many younger generations with a hip charismatic influence that is emotionally based rather than biblically grounded. Todd White is a disciple of Kenneth Copeland and is a false charismatic preacher, teaches that Jesus went to hell and suffered in hell for sin, that Jesus was separated from God, that Jesus made atonement for sin in hell, and that Jesus conquered sin and Satan in hell when He was resurrected.

Todd White has many questionable and false teachings concerning the gospel and Jesus. Exposing Kenneth Copeland is needed because for many years he has been deceiving many Christians with heretical teachings that are not biblically sound in the faith. Kenneth Copeland is a false teacher, false preacher, false prophet who has been deceiving Christians for many years, and he got a lot of his influence from Kenneth Hagin. Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagin teach that Jesus was separated from God the Father, that Jesus died a spiritual death, that Jesus went to hell and suffered in hell as a man, that Jesus was tormented by the demons, that Jesus Christ was the first born again man to rise from the dead.

Kenneth Hagin has been exposed as the father of the Word Faith Movement, and Kenneth Hagin is a false charismatic preacher who has lead many people astray over the years. There are many within the Word Faith movement that reject that Jesus died upon the cross and paid the price debt paid in full atonement through His shed blood and physical death.

Within both these false movements are false doctrines teaching that Jesus Christ did not pay for full price for sin on the cross, He did not pay the full price with His blood, that He had to die and suffer in hell for atonement for sin, that Jesus died spiritually and tasted spiritual death, that Jesus was not God in the flesh but only a man.

They also teach what is called the wealth and health prosperity gospel which they claim by Jesus stripes we are healed and should not be sick or have diseases, and they claim to be the mouth of God and contradict the Word of God. Wake up church, be alert and on guard against false teachers.

This information is to inform you and to expose these false teachers, show what they teach and believe about the gospel for salvation, and why you need to know. The Word Faith Movement and the New Apostolic Movement are false and leading people astray, be careful, seek the Lord for discernment, and examine your Bible.

In the Bible Jesus taught to be careful of false prophets Matthew Paul warned of false teachers in ActsGalatians2 Corinthians and 2 Corinthians Peter warned about false prophets in 2 Peter 2. The Bible is full of warnings against false teachers, false prophets, false apostles, etc.

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